Series on Romans #42 – DEBT, LOVE, AND THE LAW OF GOD

Geoff Hohneck
Romans 13:8-10
27 October 2013

People generally love the idea of being debt free. But going by bank and credit card statistics, we see that debt is a way of life for many people. Of course, this is because of the highly consumerism-driven culture that we live in, where we see people buying what they do not need, in order to make a show of themselves. And that can be sinful. Borrowing is not bad in and of itself. Neither is this text condemning the act of borrowing. So why does Paul use the financial analogy of debt here?

The main point that Paul is trying to drive home to his audience is that having been loved with the love of Christ they were indebted to repay that debt of love to the best of their ability by loving Him through the act of loving others. And this is a debt that remains outstanding for us as well.

Sermon Outline

1. Christian - pay your debts (vs 8a)
2. Christian - you are indebted to love so pay up! (vs 8b)
3. Christian - to love one another looks like ... (vs 9-10)