Series on Romans #43 – WAKE UP AND GET READY!

Geoff Hohneck
Romans 13:11-14
03 November 2013

Paul here is focusing on believers who are living in a spiritual stupor; who have allowed everyday cares to smother their awareness of the impending eschatological event of Christ’s triumphant return. How sad it is for us to breeze through life as believers oblivious to the coming of the Lord. After all, if we live in a manner that is aware of the Lord’s return, it will impact the way we live and the way we die.

In the same way that we prepare our homes to be spic and span for an impending beloved guest, Paul here commands us to get our lives ready for the impending coming of Christ. How are we responding to this divine appointment? Are we prepared?

The reality of the Lord’s impending return should be the greatest motivator for holy living on a daily basis. Let us heed the instruction to clean up as is fitting for us who are saints of God.

Sermon Outline


#1. It's time to assess the situation (vs 11-12a)
#2. It's time to get up and get dressed (vs 12b)
#3. It's time to behave appropriately (vs 13)
#4. It's time to think properly (vs 14)