Living The Changed Life #1 – SERIES INTRODUCTION

Geoff Hohneck
Series Introduction
Colossians 2:6-15
19 January 2014

As Christians, we observe that with passing of time, the things that once enthralled us no longer hold us captive. The past becomes dim, even though our memories of it can be fond and intensely positive. Like a photo album that reminds us of the past, enabling us to relive the joy and excitement of days gone by, so the verses in today’s passage remind us of the details of our salvation. And what we see isn't pretty, which explains why so many are reluctant to preach it. But it is God’s truth and we mustn't gloss over it if we are to really appreciate our salvation.

Join us as Geoff introduces a mini series on Colossians 3 and 4, which deals with the transformation that God has wrought in the believer’s heart. Since this is not a change that we have effected ourselves, but a change that has been done to us, it ought to manifest itself in a changed life. This change is not temporary but eternal. What’s more, it is a perpetual work in progress rather than a one-off change. 


Why I need to live a changed life (2:13,14)

A. See what we once were — Spiritually dead
B. See what God has done — Made us alive
C. See God’s action in forgiveness — All our transgressions
D. See God’s action in canceling our sentence — Nailed to the cross