Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians — #05 GOD’S WORD: NEVER DISCOVERED, ONLY REVEALED

Geoff Hohneck
Series on 1 Corinthians
God’s Word – Never Discovered, Only Revealed
1 Corinthians 2:6-16
6 July 2014

In the previous passages we have seen Paul using the argument that man’s fallen intellectual capacity prevents him from working out the matters of God. It is only when human wisdom is confronted by God’s wisdom that spiritual change can happen. Now, the passage before begins in verse 6 by addressing those who are ‘mature’. This refers to a person who is saved. It is a general reference to those who are redeemed by God. It’s not necessarily a reference to those who are advanced in the faith; it merely refers to those who are in the faith.

Whilst being saved however, the Corinthian believers never allowed themselves to be saturated, filled and cemented by the word of God. Thus, they became like a wall with loose bricks in danger of falling apart. Here, Paul outlines a simple yet powerful argument about gaining true wisdom and knowledge that is from God.


1. God’s wisdom – Who gets it? (vs 6-10)

2. God’s wisdom – God given! (vs 10-16)