12 August 2012
Geoff Hohneck
Romans 1:21-32

This passage of scripture is perhaps one of the darkest in all of God’s Word. It describes the downward spiral of humanity as a result of being abandoned by God. It describes the steps of man’s descent into depravity as a result of rejecting God’s truth and supplementing it with their own version of the truth.

Man no longer enjoys the sweet fellowship that Adam and Eve had with God. Rather, he has now been left to stew in the juices of his sin by a holy and righteous God. This is the terrible godforsaken plight that every human being is born into, and desperately needs to be rescued from. This is what it means to be dead in trespasses and sin (Ephesians 2).

The phrase ‘gave them over’ is used thrice in this passage and Geoff uses this to outline the way in which initial indifference to God eventually leads to the replacement of God with a cheap imitation. And all this happens because God abandons men to their own devices.

Do you know someone like this? Is this is the state of your heart today? Listen and be warned of the dangers of ignoring God’s revelation.